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lauren-de-boer-portrait-2014-300pxwWelcome to TerraVita.

TerraVita means living, or vibrant Earth, the terrain of creativity. The primary source of human creativity is the planet herself. We are the Earth in human form expressing in our unique way just one facet of a wondrous planet. This is cause for celebration of human creativity and its role in the continuing evolution of consciousness.

TerraVita is meant to be a celebration and exploration in song and in word (both poetry and essays) of the beauty, wonder, and challenges of living on our home planet. I will add to the site incrementally, so check back often.

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New Essay

Constant Connection, Total Distraction

Self and Nature in the Cyber-Age

This essay explores the impact of our hyper-connectedness on our thinking. Not only are we living in a time when our technologies are increasingly colonizing our attention, but where there is a premium put on analytical thinking over the intuitive, fast thinking over depth and contemplation, doing over being, and movement over staying put.

Our brave new cyber world isn’t going away any time soon and will only increase in acceleration and intensity. Technologies profoundly reshape our world, our identity, and our future. Their use and implemementation requires the kind of critical reflection that cultural historian Thomas Berry calls for as a key aspect of reinventing the human on the species level.

Constant Connection, Total Distraction




I invite you to be part of creating a unique online co-learning community.

I am a visiting professor for an M.Ed program in Integrative Learning offered through the Institute for Educational Studies / Endicott College.  The aim of the program is to explore our role in the Great Work as articulated by Thomas Berry and others. The Great Work is the creation of “mutually enhancing relations” (Berry’s phrase) among all members of the Earth community and to create a vibrant, ecologically sustainable world for future generations of all species.earth_from_space

The program is an exciting opportunity for anyone wishing to engage in a deeper inquiry into ecology and cosmology. Professionals wanting to integrate an M.Ed. with their chosen work can do so within an eco-cosmological context.

Coursework draws on a combination of the thought of Thomas Berry, Fritjof Capra, Brian Swimme, Meg Wheatley, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Loren Eiseley, Paul Shepard, Lynn Margulis, David Bohm, and others.

The online campus uses a type of dialogue based on David Bohm’s work that facilitates a practice of reflective listening and response, encouraging the emergence of shared meaning. You can capture and print your own comments and those of your classmates for further reflection when the coursework is complete. This method and the online campus are the creation of educators Phil Gang and Marsha Morgan who have used them with great results with Montessori educators for the past 15 years.


For a full program description or more information, go to and click on “Integrative Learning / The Great Work M.Ed.  You may also call 888-722-4547, or email

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